Disaster Flick

"Broken Eggs" is a forthcoming film about Boomers and retirement, produced by Chad Parks, founder of The Online 401k. You might learn a lot about your target market by watching the interviews that are embedded in this story.

Research Roundup

We summarize four recent papers: 'Portfolios for Long-Term Investors,' 'What is the Value of Annuities?,' 'Public Economics and Inequality: Uncovering Our Social Nature,' and 'Financial and Total Wealth Inequality with Low Interest Rates.'

An Annuity’s ‘Moneyness’? There’s an App for That

How will variable annuity contract owners use their income benefits? That question is vital to annuity issuers and to fiduciary advisers with clients who own VAs. This Texas Dep't of Insurance actuary knows a product that can help them find out.

A Chip Off the Old Rock?

Bloomberg reported this week that Prudential is considering selling its retirement plan recordkeeping business. Prudential didn't confirm the report, but several industry insiders did. Low interest rates, high costs of IT makeovers, and sticky stable value fund guarantees are driving the move, RIJ was told.

The Ultra-Easy Money Experiment

Mainstream academics and policymakers presume a structurally stable world in which probabilities can be assigned to future outcomes – ignoring uncertainty, stock accumulations, and the financial imbalances of the real world, writes a former Canadian central banker.

The Fed at a Crossroads

Addressing The Economic Club of New York on May 29, the former Fed chairman said that “the Federal Reserve, with assets of $3.5 trillion and growing, is… acting as the world’s largest financial intermediator.”

Vanguard issues its annual DC report: “How America Saves”

From the start of 2008 to the end of 2012, the average Vanguard DC account balance rose by cumulative 12% from market performance alone (not counting contributions), according to Vanguard’s fact-filled annual retirement plan report.

More advisors use ‘behavioral finance’ techniques: Brinker Capital

How do your clients respond to a loss? How do you help them 'stay the course' during volatile markets? These and other questions were the focus of the latest edition of the Brinker Barometer, a regular survey of advisors at insurance companies, b/ds and in sole practice.

IRI releases its 2013 Fact Book

A wide range of readers—from insurance company executives looking for sales trends as well as individual investors trying to understand the difference between fixed and variable annuities—is likely to find something useful in this 190-page spiral bound book.

The Bucket

Brief or late-breaking items from Kravitz, Ameriprise Financial and Prudential Financial.