This Couple Needs Your Advice

These two people, ages 64 and 63, have a combined net worth of about $2.5 million. They're looking for ways to generate income in retirement. Here are some specifics about their finances. What would you recommend?

Morningstar Enters the Indexed Age

Just in time for the activation of the DOL fiduciary rule, Morningstar has expanded its Annuity Intelligence resources to include indexed and fixed annuities.

Complex Annuities for a Complex Era

Indexed variable annuities (IVAs) offer a potential solution for paralyzed clients—perhaps for those who feel baffled by a market where both bond and stock prices are at all-time highs. Allianz Life and Brighthouse Financial have just issued new IVA contracts.

Fiduciary Rule Hurts First Quarter Annuity Sales

Sales of certain fixed annuities were lifted by the recent uptick in the Fed's benchmark interest rate, but sales of variable and indexed annuities were depressed in the first quarter of 2017 by uncertainty over the future of the DOL fiduciary rule.

Don’t cut Medicaid, say Ivy League doctors

The Medicaid cuts envisioned under the ACHA and the Trump budget would cause widespread harm, three health care experts wrote in the New York Times this week.

Three Lessons Learned

By my late 20s, life had taught me a few homely but memorable lessons about leadership, entrepreneurship, and cross-cultural relations.

Honorable Mention

Brief or late-breaking items from TIAA, Transamerica, Milliman and the Investment Company Insitute.