Test Your Reverse Mortgage IQ

To benchmark the public’s level of knowledge about HECMs, The American College’s New York Life Center for Retirement Income sponsored a survey that included a 10-question quiz. We invite you to take the test.

Expect Sharp Drop in VA Sales: LIMRA

'We are seeing a significant shift in the annuity market,” said Todd Giesing, assistant research director at LIMRA's Secure Retirement Institute. 'We have to go back 20 years—to 1995—to find when the VA market share was 45% or lower.'

No Retirement Account Left Behind

"Auto-portability" would consolidate a plan participant's old accounts into his or her current account, automatically. Spencer Williams and Tom Johnson of Charlotte-based Retirement Clearinghouse have spent three years trying make it happen on a large scale.

Three Advisor-Friendly Reverse Mortgage Strategies

In this installment of our HECM series, we review three strategies that should entice advisors: the HECM-for-purchase, the HECM-LOC for liquidity in down markets, and the HECM-LOC created at age 62 but tapped only if all other sources of cash are exhausted.

Financial Groups Take DOL to Court—in Texas

RIJ believes that the federal government subsidizes the financial industry through favorable tax treatment, and that the public therefore deserves the assurance that anyone advising them on their retirement investments will act in their best interest, and be held accountable for it.

The American College Is Keen on HECMs. Here’s Why

'We thought it was very much in our wheelhouse to show people how reverse mortgages should be used and how they shouldn’t be used,' said Jamie Hopkins, co-director of the New York Life Center for Retirement Income at The American College.