The Black Box of 401(k) Expenses

The experts--Louis Harvey of Dalbar, Mike Alfred of Brightscope, David Witz of PlanTools, Phil Chiricotti of CFDD, Jonathan Leidy, CFP, and Tussey v. ABB attorney Jerry Schlichter--talk about what the 401(k) fee disclosure rules will mean.

The Sacrificial Payroll Tax

Idle talk about suspending the payroll tax is making 'blue' Senators blue. We get answers from Social Security expert Eugene Steuerle of the Urban Institute.

An Income-Generating ‘Collar’

Using a 'protective net-credit collar,' the Nationwide Risk-Managed Income ETF has distributed monthly income at an annual rate of 7.88% in 2020, while appreciating 10%. Is there a catch?

Life Insurers’ Bermuda Triangle, Part II

The humble fixed indexed annuity is at the center of the restructuring hurricane that has swept through the life insurance industry in recent years. We bring you the second article in a series on the topic.

How 401(k) Revenue-Sharing Works

This five-minute video from the Government Accountability Office explains the mechanics of revenue sharing between investment fund companies and 401k recordkeepers, a process that many 401k sponsors do not understand well.

Ernst & Young reports 1Q changes to VA contracts

Great West, Jackson National and Sun America introduced new VAs, while Allianz Life, MetLife and Ohio National introduced new living benefits, according to data from E&Y's Retirement Income Knowledge Bank.

CFDD seeks members for new custom TDF group

The 'Custom QDIA Association" intends to provide members with competitive intelligence, a website, data feeds, target date fund screens, performance reporting, enhanced CIT reporting and custom solutions workshops.

SoA weighs pension provisions in Senate bill

SOA researchers analyzed the bill, "MAP-21," from the perspective of three key principles of funding regulation: the transparency of plan funded status, the solvency of the system, and the stability and predictability of future contribution requirements.

The Bucket

Brief or late-breaking items from Towers Watson, CBOE Futures Exchange, Sharebuilder 401k, Prudential Financial,,, USAA, Mass Mutual Retirement Services and the Phoenix Companies.

“Quote” of the Week

“The whole disclosure bandwagon is insane. Collectively, 401(k) plan fees are not too high now and they have never been too high. These plans are by far the most cost effective way for the average person to save. They are the most successful savings vehicle in history. They are not a failure." -- Phil Chiricotti, president, Center for Due Diligence, in an email to RIJ.

Welcome to RIJAdvisor

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