One-Stop Shops for Notes and Annuities

Luma Financial Technologies is now among the structured notes platforms that have chosen to add index-linked annuities to the products they support. It joins SIMON Markets and Halo in that space. In this last segment of our series on indexed products, we examine these new alliances.

More Plan Sponsors Want to Keep Retiree Accounts: Cerulli

For years, people have been rolling their DC plan assets over to brokerage IRAs at retirement. Many plan providers hated to lose the managed money, but plan sponsors were indifferent. That's changing, a Cerulli analyst writes. Trillions in mobile money is at stake.

Insurers increase their private equity holdings: AM Best

Low interest rates, mild inflationary environments and the prospects for higher investment yields are tailwinds for private equity investments. But financial stress in the markets or severe public market corrections remain a risk, the ratings agency noted.
Anecdotal Evidence

You’ve heard of RILAs, Now Meet FILAs

F&G, a leading issuer of fixed indexed annuities (FIAs), has launched an FIA that gives contract owners the option to reach for higher gains without losing principal protection. They call it a FILA, or fixed index-linked annuity.

Honorable Mention

Principal's new pooled employer plan Is growing quickly; 'Personal Retirement Strategy' will support Bank of America plan participants; Allianz Life survey reveals hot-button personal finance issues; Tom Smith will be DPL Financial Partners' new Chief Growth Officer.


June 17, 2021

(Sheryl) Moore’s Law on Annuities in 2021

RIJ talks with Sheryl Moore of Wink, Inc., the annuity data and consulting firm, about the results of her first-quarter 2021 survey of annuity sales. She shares her opinion on a range of annuity-related...
June 10, 2021

Examining the Indices in Index-Linked Annuities

A mountain biker needs 18 or 21 gears to smooth a path over rocks and through arroyos. Index-linked annuities now collectively offer some 140 index choices. Hybrid indices can theoretically smooth an investor’s path...
June 4, 2021

The Point of Indexing (in Annuities)

Every June, RIJ focuses on indexed annuities. Last year, we studied options in indexed annuities. This year we consider the indexes themselves, especially 'hybrid' and 'volatility-controlled' indexes. Bryan Anderson, Don Dady and David Lau...