The Overlooked Income Vehicle, II

If more 401(k) plans offered systematic withdrawals, more money might stay in 401(k)s, and the DOL might not need to attempt the difficult and divisive task of policing rollover IRAs.

The Overlooked Income Vehicle

Systematic withdrawals from 401(k) plans are a widely-available but rarely-used way to create retirement income. Perhaps because electronic transfers are virtually free, nobody's championing them.

In-Discretionary Accounts

Investment performance of popular “Rep-as-Portfolio-Manager" accounts lags direct-sold packaged portfolios, say analysts at Cerulli Associates and Fuse-Research.

Are Most Glide Paths Upside Down?

Investing in equities early in the lifecycle, when balances are low, offers little advantage and may even discourage young investors who suffer losses. So says one of the studies in this roundup of recent retirement research.

In New York, Hanging with Robos

At the InVest financial technology conference in Manhattan last week, hundreds of robo-advisors, vulture capitalists, and Wall Street firms gathered to contemplate a prosperous and collaborative future.

Swiss Re’s solution for the macro-economy: Infrastructure

The global reinsurer points out that support for asset prices doesn't produce real growth, and that an aging population doesn't bode well for growth, but that developing a liquid market for infrastructure bonds might be the ticket to true recovery.