T. Rowe Price Reopens the Market for Payout Funds

Managed payout funds haven't gotten much traction in the last decade. But T. Rowe Price hopes that its target-date fund/payout fund hybrid, the Retirement Income 2020 Fund, will help it retain money that rolls out of its retirement plans.

‘Smart,’ from UK, Enters the US PEP Market

'Smart' is the recently-launched American branch of a British fintech with expertise in a kind of retirement savings plan that's called a 'master trust' in the UK and a 'pooled employer plan' or PEP in the US. RIJ interviewed two of its top executives.

Research Roundup

Almost every controversial subject in the US today--from Fed policy to machine learning to immigration--contains an element or theme related to retirement policy. The articles reviewed in this month's Research Roundup are proof of that.

‘iTDFs’ Smooth the Bumps of Retirement Income

A former chief actuary of Denmark seeks a US target date fund company that might use his technology, the 'iTDF,' to create a seamless transition from pre-retirement savings to safe income during the first 20 years of retirement.

When Growth is Not Enough

'It may be that the most rhetorically populist president since Andrew Jackson will, in practice, not be populist enough,' writes the former Fed chairman in this excerpt from an address this week to the European Central Bank Forum on Central Banking in Sintra, Portugal.

Affluent People on Medicaid? It Can Happen

Only six percent of Medicaid recipients use nursing homes, but their bills account for 42% of Medicaid spending. Many of those who receive Medicaid for long-term care expenses are once-affluent people who outlived their money, according to Kaiser Health News.

Happy Independence Day

Retirement Income Journal will take a one-week recess to celebrate the July 4 national holiday and will not appear on July 6. We will return to our weekly publishing schedule on July 13. We hope you enjoy the holiday, and wish you safe travels.

Honorable Mention

Brief or late-breaking items from Accenture, Envestnet, T. Rowe Price, Voya Financial, Ernst & Young and Cerulli Associates.