At Your Service: Courting the Affluent Tennis Fan

Prudential Financial, Raymond James, ING, Fidelity Investments and E*Trade all advertised during the French Open final between Rafael Nadal (above) and Roger Federer on NBC TV last Sunday--all vying for the "elite demographic" that follows tennis.

Annuities and the Charles Schwab Deal

Most of the annuities now on the Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade platforms are offered by mutual or foreign-owned life insurers. Lincoln Financial is the sole exception.

Marshmallows and Social Security

Should US retirees delay claiming Social Security until age 70, even if they have to spend savings until then? The Center for Retirement Research at Boston College proposes that strategy as a default option in retirement plans.

Beams to help merge ING retirement units in advance of IPO

Maliz Beams previously served as president and CEO of TIAA-CREF’s Individual and Institutional Services, where she founded the Wealth Management business and re-launched IRAs, Insurance Products and Private Asset Management.

In Italy, annuity demand correlates with wealth and education

Italians were asked: ‘Imagine you are 65-years old and will receive an inflation-adjusted pension of €1,000 a month. Would you give up that half of that pension in exchange for an immediate lump sum of €60,000? Of €80,000? Of €100,000?’

Let’s Not Panic Over the Deficit

“The current weak state of many economies argues against implementing budget cuts in the next couple of years,” says a new pamphlet from the Peterson Institute for International Economics.