Spock-o-nomics at the RIIA Meeting

At the spring meeting of the Retirement Income Industry Association, held at Morningstar Inc. in Chicago, concepts like "stocks for the long run" and "safe withdrawal rate" were out of favor.

New Research on 401K Plans, from Top Researchers

Boston College, DCIIA and Morningstar provide new research on Britain's 'NEST' experience with auto-enrollment, custom TDFs and why replacing bad 401k investment options is a good idea.

Tell Us What You Really Think

At the LIMRA-Society of Actuaries Retirement Industry Conference in Baltimore last week, Scott Stolz from Raymond James, Greg Jaeck from Edward Jones and Jarrod Fisher from Simplicity Financial Distributors delivered frank opinions about annuities and annuity issuers.

Why Indexed Annuity Sales Are So Strong

Many factors are driving the increase in indexed annuity sales: More manufacturers, better products, more distributors, competitive commissions, aging boomers, and relaxed regulation. But does the bubble contain the seeds of its own deflation?

Floor It!

In the Arizona desert, Mike Zwecher had a vision that led to his new book on building outcome-oriented retirement portfolios.

Social Security Cash-Flow Turns Negative

Unemployment has forced many people to apply for benefits sooner than planned while also reducing payroll tax revenue. But the change won't affect benefits.

Australians Want More Workplace Savings

After more than a decade of compulsory contributions, Australians have over AU$1.177 trillion in their state-sponsored defined contribution plan.

More Assets Moving From 401(k)s to IRAs

“We are definitely seeing an uptick in the number of 401(k) plan participants who choose to roll over plan assets," a Charles Schwab executive said.