Research Roundup

Here's new research on tax avoidance among the very rich, the logic that millionaires use when buying equities, considerations for plan sponsors when estimating income from 401(k) balances, and a worst-case scenario for future tax rates.

China’s Bond Market: Too Big To Ignore

'At about $16 trillion in value, the Chinese market has become too big to ignore as it grows in bond indices and offers higher yields than in the other large economies,' writes our guest columnist.

Honorable Mention

Canadian firm buys Ohio National for $1 billion; Net income of life/annuity industry fell almost 50% in 2020; New index annuity income rider from AIG; SIMON adds First Trust Target Outcome ETFs; KKR, owner of Global Atlantic, reports earnings; Voya, Morningstar in managed accounts partnership; A 'longevity' biotech SPAC.  
Anecdotal Evidence

Of Politics and the Pension-Saving ‘Butch Lewis Act’

If you empathize with retired truckers, coal miners and their unions, you'll love the American Rescue Act's $86 billion provision for patching up their underfunded pensions. Otherwise you might not.

At the Supreme Court, a stress test of ‘best interest’ promises

'To protect its sterling image, and its share price, Goldman made false statements that it always acted in its clients’ best interest and carefully managed its conflicts,' said a consumer advocate, with regard to the bank's dispute with a pension fund.


March 18, 2021

Social Security Repair Bills, Compared by Actuaries

In a webinar this week, a panel of Academy actuaries presented their analysis of three legislative proposals now floating inside the Beltway. One raises taxes, one lowers benefits, and another does some of each.
March 11, 2021

How Biden Might Pay for Expenditures

Having appropriated $1.9 trillion for pandemic recovery, and with more big ideas in store, the Democrats will be looking to balance their largesse with new revenue. If you're among the "top 2%," they'll be...
March 4, 2021

‘Income America’ Offers ‘5ForLife’

'Our clients are so past proprietary solutions,” said Scott Colangelo, who brought Lincoln Financial, Nationwide, American Century funds, Vanguard, Fidelity and others together to create Income America 5ForLife, an in-plan 401(k) annuity. 'This won’t...