Allianz Life’s New FIA Aims for Accumulation

'By using volatility controlled indices, we can offer higher caps,' said Matt Gray, vp of product innovation at Allianz Life. 'In such a low-rate environment, those higher caps have been well-received.' (Image from Allianz Life's facebook page.)

Behavior risk is rising for FIA living benefit issuers: Ruark

The amount of client assets protected by a GLIB outside the surrender charge period—a measure of the rising behavioral risk exposure for FIA issuers—increased 82% from 2017 to 2018, according to Ruark. (Pictured: Ruark CEO Tim Paris.)

Two providers enter Germany’s new market for hybrid DB/DC plans

Starting in January, Germany has entered into a new workplace retirement plan era, with greater opportunity for hybrid DB/DC plans that feature defined contributions and variable payouts in retirement. Plans are approved by management and unions.

The Real Engine of the Business Cycle

'Credit-supply expansions often sow the seeds of their own destruction,' write our two guest columnists, who collaborated on the 2014 book, House of Debt. They teach at the U. of Chicago Booth School and Princeton University, respectively.

Honorable Mention

Marlene Debel to lead MetLife's institutional retirement business; Funded status of S&P 1500 pension plans rose 1% in January; TrimTabs reports that global equities outdrew U.S. equities after the recent price dip.


March 1, 2018

A Fintech Fix for the Small Plan Cost-Crisis

'We’re offering to clean house in a very fragmented broker market,' said Shin Inoue, CEO of ForUsAll, a turnkey 401(k) provider. Founded in 2014 by three former Financial Engines executives, ForUsAll has received $34...
February 22, 2018

Building a Personal Pension, a Month at a Time

Recent filings show that Prudential plans to launch a direct-sold, auto-pay, multi-premium fixed deferred income annuity called GIFT, or Guaranteed Income for Tomorrow.
February 15, 2018

Spain Looks for New Ways to Save

Spain plans to reduce the fiscal burden of its national pension by dropping cost-of-living increases. Retirees will need to offset the loss of purchasing power with other savings. But the DC system here is...