What to Do About Low Returns

The anticipated low return environment doesn't have to ruin your retirement plans, according to industry and academic speakers at the Pension Research Council's annual symposium, held May 4-5 at Penn's Wharton School.

‘Smart,’ from UK, Enters the US PEP Market

'Smart' is the recently-launched American branch of a British fintech with expertise in a kind of retirement savings plan that's called a 'master trust' in the UK and a 'pooled employer plan' or PEP in the US. RIJ interviewed two of its top executives.

Research Roundup

Almost every controversial subject in the US today--from Fed policy to machine learning to immigration--contains an element or theme related to retirement policy. The articles reviewed in this month's Research Roundup are proof of that.

‘iTDFs’ Smooth the Bumps of Retirement Income

A former chief actuary of Denmark seeks a US target date fund company that might use his technology, the 'iTDF,' to create a seamless transition from pre-retirement savings to safe income during the first 20 years of retirement.

Roll Over and Play Fair

The LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute's study of participant behavior around rollovers comes at a time when financial advisors need to talk about rollovers more carefully than in the past.

Ready for Take-Off? Or a Crash Landing?

'The Trump effect that carried the market through the end of April now shows some evidence of running out of steam,' writes our guest columnist, of Chao & Co., a retirement plan and fiduciary consulting firm in Vienna, Va.

A mixed picture of life/annuity industry from A.M. Best

'Earnings from individual annuities business were strong, up 63% from 2015, due mainly to the Federal Reserve’s 25-basis-point interest rate increase during the fourth quarter and the decline in asset adequacy reserves,' the ratings agency said.

Average 401(k) balances up 27% in five years: Fidelity

The post-election equities rally and higher contributions drove the average Fidelity 401(k) balance to a record $95,500 and the average IRA balance to a record $98,100 the end of Q1. (Average balances tend to be much higher than median ones.)

Mass Mutual has a new look

In explaining the logic of the new look, MassMutual pointed to some of the financial stresses felt by various U.S. demographic groups, which reflect a lack of income, of savings or of an ability to save.

Honorable Mention

Olivia Mitchell wins EBRI award, Tim Seifert to lead annuity sales at Lincoln Financial, and Brian Duperreault becomes AIG's new chairman and CEO.