No Retirement Account Left Behind

"Auto-portability" would consolidate a plan participant's old accounts into his or her current account, automatically. Spencer Williams and Tom Johnson of Charlotte-based Retirement Clearinghouse have spent three years trying make it happen on a large scale.

Wells Fargo’s New Annuity Wagon

Wells Fargo Asset Management's new target-date series of CITs comes with a built-in, optional retirement income strategy: systematic withdrawals plus an annuity starting at age 85.

How The British Save More for Retirement

In Britain, if you contribute £100 to your defined contribution plan and have a 25% tax rate, the government adds £25 to your account. Our system doesn't work that way. All else being equal, we accumulate much less tax-deferred savings over a lifetime.

UBS to partner with SigFig, a robo-advisor

The technology will allow the advisers to spend more time talking to clients and less time constructing investment portfolios and other activities that can be automated, said Tom Naratil, the president of UBS Americas. (SigFig logo at left.)

Robos force advisors to step up their games: Cerulli

'Investors desire deeper online, goal-oriented resources, research, and content... but they lack the bandwidth or attention span to dedicate significant time toward their financial well-being,' according to Cerulli.