BlackRock Makes a Bundle (with Annuities)

BlackRock, the giant asset manager, is adding a lifetime income dimension to its LifePath target date funds by partnering with Brighthouse, Equitable and Voya on a service that will help 401(k) participants buy individual immediate annuities at retirement.

A Primer for Annuity Newbies

Here, by popular demand, I offer a 10-minute tour of annuity products, using the same classification system that I used when writing Annuities for Dummies.

Bailouts Aside, the Fed Sees Red Ahead

'The outlook remained highly uncertain and most contacts were pessimistic about the potential pace of recovery,' the Federal Reserve's latest Beige Book said. Photo: Fed chairman Jerome Powell.

In private, life insurers express ‘concern’

'About one-third of companies expect a negative 10-year treasury rate at the end of 2020 in their worst case scenario,' according to a high level life insurance industry report.


May 21, 2020

Research Roundup

For weeks, interesting studies have been gushing from the National Bureau of Economic Research and elsewhere on the economic implications of COVID-19. We've selected and summarized seven of them for you.
May 14, 2020

With BluePrint Income, AARP Ups its Ante on Annuity Sales

AARP's 38 million members can now buy income annuities and fixed-rate annuities on a platform powered by fintech firm Blueprint Income. Buyers get a complimentary annual 'retirement income check-up' from a salaried, insurance-licensed adviser. ...
May 7, 2020

We Could Use Some Inflation

The Treasury said this week that it will borrow (and spend) about $3 trillion this quarter, to cover its stimulus promises. Where does that money come from and where does it go? 'The capital...