Mortality Credits: Sweet and Sour

'The only way to get closer to meeting your spending goals is through some sort of partial annuitization strategy,' said Michael Finke, dean of The American College of Financial Services, at the Retirement Industry Conference in Orlando last week.

In Target-Date Space, It’s Vanguard, Et Alia

Vanguard’s domination of TDF flows in recent years has paralleled its domination of overall mutual funds flows. Competitors search for ways to be different, but not too different.

This Is How You Sell Annuities

'This works really well with couples, where the husband is a risk taker but the wife is worried that she’ll be left without any money,' said Curtis Cloke about Retirement NextGen, a new software tool that replicates his planning techniques.

The Case for ‘Behavioral’ Portfolio Theory

In his latest book, 'Finance for Normal People: How Investors and Markets Behave,' Prof. Statman describes the behavioral-wants frontier. He contends that people seek 'utilitarian, expressive and emotional' benefits from what they buy.

Where U.S. Manufacturing Jobs Really Went

During the supposedly stable post‐war period, manufacturing (and construction) jobs actually moved en masse from the Northeast and Midwest to the Sun Belt, writes our guest columnist, an economist at the University of California-Berkeley.

Real and Fake News on State Auto-IRAs

Opponents of state-mandated auto-IRAs say the plans will unintentionally rob small business employees of the opportunity eventually to participate in 401(k)s. But that's really a phantom opportunity for many. It's time to try something new.

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