Six Ways to Dress Up QLACs

RIJ spoke with annuity manufacturers and distributors about their strategies for selling qualified longevity annuity contracts, which are deferred income annuities for IRA money. The favorite, but not unanimous, strategy is to emphasize reductions in RMDs.

Examining the Indices in Index-Linked Annuities

A mountain biker needs 18 or 21 gears to smooth a path over rocks and through arroyos. Index-linked annuities now collectively offer some 140 index choices. Hybrid indices can theoretically smooth an investor’s path through rocky markets--but they're complicated.

The Point of Indexing (in Annuities)

Every June, RIJ focuses on indexed annuities. Last year, we studied options in indexed annuities. This year we consider the indexes themselves, especially 'hybrid' and 'volatility-controlled' indexes. Bryan Anderson, Don Dady and David Lau weighed in.

The Irony of Inflation Forecasting (Research Roundup)

In this month's roundup, we learn that CEOs pay little attention to inflation. We also find out why retirees keep saving, why "centaurs" pick stocks so well, which financial biases keep people poor, and how working longer affects male mortality.

Moshe Milevsky on Tontines

Moshe Milevsky's latest book, King William's Tontine, is reviewed here by University of Oklahoma law professor Jonathan B. Forman, himself a tontine expert. Milevsky and Forman think that tontines, an archaic, now-illegal type of annuity, are ripe for a comeback.

RetirePreneur: Lowell Aronoff

Lowell Aronoff is CEO of CANNEX Financial Exchanges, which provides up-to-date annuity pricing data for life insurance companies and distributors.

LPL to pay at least $11.7 million for range of abuses

LPL, which had revenues of $1.1 billion in the first quarter of 2015, was charged with “broad supervisory failures in a number of key areas.” The broker-dealer consented to the entry of FINRA’s findings without admitting or denying the charges.

Retirement Clearinghouse reaches $3 billion in ‘roll-ins’

"More plan sponsors are promoting and facilitating roll-ins of accounts as a cost-effective way to improve plan performance metrics, as well as retirement outcomes for participants,” said Spencer Williams, the firm’s president and CEO.