Trump and the Trajectory of Interest Rates

'There could be pressure for rates to go higher as investors digest the deficit spending pushed by Mr. Trump,' said Andrew McCormick, head of T. Rowe Price’s U.S. taxable bond team.

The View from the (DOL) Trenches

'“Many of the broker-dealers are still searching for a light switch in a dark room,” said James Lumberg of Envestnet, who, with Jeff Schwantz of Morningstar and Arjun Saxena of PwC, explained to asset managers in Boston how the DOL rule is impacting their distributors.

A Word to the Wise Advisor

At the Money Management Institute Fall Solutions conference in Boston this week, one of the presentations focused on the right and wrong words to use when explaining the impact of the DOL fiduciary rule to existing clients.

The Annuity That Pays for Itself

The deferred income annuity, aka longevity insurance, is favored by academics and is mandatory in Germany and Singapore. Here's a compelling new way to explain its value to clients, courtesy of widely-known pension economists.

Trump Wins: What Happens Now?

'How Trump will govern is a huge wild card,' write Schwab's analysts. 'Tax cuts, an infrastructure spending plan, and reduced regulation might offer offsetting boosts, but they would bring back issues with the deficit and debt and likely sink the dollar.'

Anecdotal Evidence: Trump and the DOL Rule

'Would the financial services industry want to return to square one after spending millions of dollars to reconfigure their compliance systems and products' for the DOL conflict of interest rule?' asks ERISA expert Jason Roberts.

Federal judge rejects NAFA’s suit against DOL

'NAFA’s own declarations leave little doubt that those engaged in the annuities business do not simply dispense products but, rather, provide individualized investment advice,' wrote U.S. District judge Randolph Moss in a 92-page opinion. NAFA said it would appeal.