RetirePreneur: Mark Warshawsky

With his new venture, ReLIAS LLC, the well-known retirement scholar-turned-entrepreneur Mark Warshawsky plans to market a process for helping retirees build ladders of single premium immediate annuities with part of their savings.

Better than Throwing Darts

'We have all these insurance agents selling billions of dollars of fixed indexed annuities. But they have few clues about how the crediting rates have performed,'' says Kent Jacquay. With his Indexalyzer software, he proposes a solution.

A New Kind of Income Annuity

Achaean Financial and Ash Brokerage, a large Fort Wayne, Ind., BGA, are partnering on a potential retirement game-changer: Achaean's immediate indexed income annuity, couched in Ash's JourneyGuide planning software. The underwriter has yet to be named.

These Hedges (Probably) Won’t Clip You

Listen to an actuary who put $50k into a five-year indexed variable annuity four years ago as an alternative to CDs. We explain how IVAs are priced, and we tell you how his investment has fared so far.

Warren Whitepaper Missed the Mark

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) thinks clients should be able to see the non-cash incentives offered to annuity salesmen. It would more useful if they could see the solutions that, in the status quo, few individual advisors have any incentive to show them.

‘’ steals its webpage design from the robo’s

The federal government's "myRA" program offers a portable Roth IRA to Americans with no other retirement plan at work. The first $15,000 in savings goes into U.S. Treasuries. Participants can roll over to a private-sector Roth IRA provider at any time.