Deep in the Data Mines

At the Society of Actuaries Equity-Based Insurance Guarantees conference in Chicago this week, the use of 'predictive modeling' to unearth buried or cryptic data was strongly encouraged.

RetirePreneur: Mark Warshawsky

With his new venture, ReLIAS LLC, the well-known retirement scholar-turned-entrepreneur Mark Warshawsky plans to market a process for helping retirees build ladders of single premium immediate annuities with part of their savings.

TIPS for the Long Run?

Whether you'd prefer the new Dimensional Target Date Retirement Income Funds over one of the "big three" TDFs might depend on whether you share Robert Merton and Zvi Bodie's belief that stocks aren't necessarily safe in the long run. (Photo: Merton explaining the Black-Scholes-Merton options pricing model in 1977.)

Wisdom from Advisors to the ‘One Percent’

To satisfy super-rich clients, be as inventive as Ray Croc when he invented the 15-cent hamburger, advisors at UBS, Merrill Lynch and Manchester Capital Management told members of the Money Management Institute last week in New York.

Don’t Touch the Jenga Tower

Many observers think the Fed doesn’t need to raise rates. The actuary I met in Chicago this week was one of the few who believes that the Fed can’t raise rates.

Indexed Annuity Sales Reach New Highs: LIMRA

'VA sales make up 54% of the overall annuity business, down from 67% just in 2012. This decline in VA market share has certainly contributed to the growth in the indexed annuity market,' said Todd Giesing of the LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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