The Ambiguity of Tax Deferral

A failure to agree on whether or not there's 'government money' in tax-deferred savings accounts has complicated our debates over the DOL fiduciary rule, the need for a harmonized fiduciary standard, and the so-called Rothification of 401(k) plans.

A Debt Straitjacket? Or a Misdiagnosed Disease?

With public and private debt so high across the developed world, International Economy magazine asked a group of economists, including this RIJ guest columnist: “Has the world been fitted with a debt straitjacket?” Here’s his response.

How to succeed in the DC investment-only market

Five firms 'are carving out a distinct advantage within the target date funds and retirement income categories,' said Sonia Sharigian, author of a new Cogents Report, Retirement Plan Advisor Trends.

Fixed annuity sales dipped sharply in 3Q2017

'Despite the unfavorable market conditions for annuity sales, I still anticipate that fourth quarter will be strong,' said Sheryl J. Moore of Wink, Inc., which tracks fixed annuity sales. 'The fourth quarter is always robust .'


November 16, 2017

Wade Pfau’s Latest Book

'“This book presents the probability-based approach” to retirement spending strategies, Pfau told RIJ in a recent interview. 'If annuities are off the table, here’s what you can do.'
November 9, 2017

Hope, Despair: SPARK Forum Has It All

At SPARK's retirement conference, Millennium Trust, Paychex and GuidedChoice announced a new workplace IRA plan. Bill Meyer pitched his Social Security-centric planning tool. And BlackRock hinted at new TDFs with a deferred annuity sleeve....
November 2, 2017

RetireUp Turns Pro

RetireUp Pro is the latest iteration of RetireUp, the popular income planning solution. Its evolution has been shaped by part-owner Annexus Ventures and Annexus, the prominent indexed annuity design and distribution firm.