A Roundup of RIIA’s Meeting in Texas

Michael Finke of Texas Tech, John Salter of Evensky & Katz Wealth Management, Larry Cohen of Strategic Business Insights and others presented at the Retirement Income Industry Association's annual meeting, held this year at Dimensional Fund Advisors headquarters in Austin, Texas. (Above, the DFA lobby).

Examining the Indices in Index-Linked Annuities

A mountain biker needs 18 or 21 gears to smooth a path over rocks and through arroyos. Index-linked annuities now collectively offer some 140 index choices. Hybrid indices can theoretically smooth an investor’s path through rocky markets--but they're complicated.

The Point of Indexing (in Annuities)

Every June, RIJ focuses on indexed annuities. Last year, we studied options in indexed annuities. This year we consider the indexes themselves, especially 'hybrid' and 'volatility-controlled' indexes. Bryan Anderson, Don Dady and David Lau weighed in.

The Irony of Inflation Forecasting (Research Roundup)

In this month's roundup, we learn that CEOs pay little attention to inflation. We also find out why retirees keep saving, why "centaurs" pick stocks so well, which financial biases keep people poor, and how working longer affects male mortality.

Securian Offers “MyPath” VA Income Riders

"MyPath is less a statement on interest rates than a reflection of our desire to allow advisers to dial-in what each client needs," said Dan Kruse, second vice president and individual annuity actuary at Securian Financial Group.

Dynamic Withdrawal Strategies Made Easy

Research from Morningstar's David M. Blanchett introduces two equations for implementing an efficient dynamic withdrawal strategy based on different expected time periods, portfolio equity allocations, the likelihood of achieving the goal, and fees (or alpha).

Russian government to freeze DC plan assets in 2014

"The money will be retained by the state pension fund, and... is supposed to become a sort of an air bag that will be activated in case an emergency breaking of the national economy occurs,” the head of VTB Capital Investment Management told IPE.com.