Will Fee-Only Advisors Warm to Annuities?

At the National Association of Personal Financial Planners' meeting in Philadelphia this week, Wade Pfau of The American College and David Lau of DPL Financial Planners urged fee-only advisors to mix annuities and investments in retirement. (Painting of Philadelphia trolley stop by Paul Santoleri.)
Guest Column

The Link Between Aging and Populism

'A growing sense of insecurity may be pushing the elderly into the populists’ arms... Nationalist parties all promise to stem global forces that will affect older people disproportionately,' writes our guest columnist, an academic in Madrid, Spain.

Honorable Mention

New CEO at Thrivent, Prudential announces $3.2 billion in pension risk transfer deals, new FIA for retirement savings from American Equity, Concord Coalition warns about growing federal deficit and debt.

New digital MYGA platform from Blueprint Income

'We're seeing that many of those nearing retirement want to have at least a portion of their money earning a guarantee, whether that's a guaranteed return or guaranteed income,' said Nimish Shukla, CFA and a Blueprint Income co-founder.


October 11, 2018

Meet the Dare-Devils Who Own Annuities

In an elaborate media event to launch the Alliance for Lifetime Income, a jet-car driver, a shark wrangler, and four C-level life insurance company executives gathered in and around Times Square Oct. 4. The...
October 5, 2018

Red Bulls and Blue Bears

After the 2016 election, Republicans shifted toward equities and Democrats shifted toward bonds. MIT researchers found that out of step with the classic image of the ‘rational investor’ and called their findings ‘worrisome.’
September 27, 2018

On the Case: Plan for A Couple with $750K

RIJ asked advisor/actuary Jerry Golden, founder of Golden Retirement, Go2Income.com, and the Income Power method, to develop a retirement income plan for the 'M.T. Knestors,' a couple with about $750,000 in investable assets.