A Word to the Wise Advisor

At the Money Management Institute Fall Solutions conference in Boston this week, one of the presentations focused on the right and wrong words to use when explaining the impact of the DOL fiduciary rule to existing clients.

The Annuity That Pays for Itself

The deferred income annuity, aka longevity insurance, is favored by academics and is mandatory in Germany and Singapore. Here's a compelling new way to explain its value to clients, courtesy of widely-known pension economists.

We Believe What We Like to Believe

In another of our occasional Research Roundups, we survey papers that explore how we like to fool ourselves, how debt keeps women working, why it's better to grow up during an economic boom, and other complex phenomena.

Trump, Buffett, and how the wealthy are taxed

'At the end of the day, tweaks to the individual income tax system, including higher tax rates, are unlikely to increase dramatically the taxes paid by the very wealthy,' writes our guest columnist, in describing tax strategies that will survive the election.

Anecdotal Evidence: Football and Financial Ads

Watching football games lets me see TV ads for financial services companies. Last weekend, I saw funny ads from E*Trade and GEICO, and a serious ad from Northwestern Mutua. I also saw a full-page mea culpa from Wells Fargo in the NYTimes.

Could your job vanish after November 8? Here’s a remedy

'IncomeAssure covers salaries up to $250,000 a year. It allows policyholders to maintain their current lifestyle and pay their bills while unemployed, regardless of which candidate wins the election,' said a release about the Great American product.