Which Annuities Pay Out the Most?

The answer depends on whether your clients want income to start now or in five years or 10 years. Indexed annuities offer the highest minimum income guarantees, if you can wait 10 years for the first check.
Anecdotal Evidence

‘RIAs, You’ve Got to Try This’: Macchia

'A recent article said that high valuations make this the worst possible time to retire. I say, This is the perfect time to retire if your advisor has provided the right strategy,' said David Macchia, CEO of Wealth2k, referring to advisors who understand bucketing, flooring and annuities.

House Passes Family Savings Act of 2018

This bill could open a path to great changes in retirement plans. The Senate may take action on it during the lame-duck session, a new bulletin from Wagner Law Group said. (Photo: Marcia Wagner)

Honorable Mention

Arthur Laffer, the supply-sider, dabbles in financial wellness; BBVA launches robo-advice tool on BNY Mellon Pershing platform; Migration to bonds finally reverses: TrimTabs.


October 19, 2018

Will Fee-Only Advisors Warm to Annuities?

At the National Association of Personal Financial Planners' meeting in Philadelphia this week, Wade Pfau of The American College and David Lau of DPL Financial Planners urged fee-only advisors to mix annuities and investments...
October 11, 2018

Meet the Dare-Devils Who Own Annuities

In an elaborate media event to launch the Alliance for Lifetime Income, a jet-car driver, a shark wrangler, and four C-level life insurance company executives gathered in and around Times Square Oct. 4. The...
October 5, 2018

Red Bulls and Blue Bears

After the 2016 election, Republicans shifted toward equities and Democrats shifted toward bonds. MIT researchers found that out of step with the classic image of the ‘rational investor’ and called their findings ‘worrisome.’