Making Income Rise as Health Declines

A fee-only adviser in Philadelphia used 'medically underwritten' or impaired annuities from Mutual of Omaha to increase the retirement incomes of older, single men in declining health.
Anecdotal Evidence

A More Impeachable Offense

The president’s efforts to pressure the Fed chairman into lowering interest rates to boost the stock market may be more abusive than his call to the president of Ukraine.

Income-producing funds from New York Life

Short-term high-yield funds, insured municipal bond funds: These vehicles offer out-of-the-ordinary options for yield hunters, says the fixed annuities sales leader.

Honorable Mention

Foreign central banks lower exposure to U.S. dollar; SOA seeks papers on retirement strategies, offers $10k award; New FIA from Nassau Re.


September 26, 2019

Life Insurance in a Bucketed Income Plan

This case study from Securities America uses life insurance to help a 'constrained' mass-affluent retired couple protect the surviving spouse from a partial loss of pension and Social Security income.
September 19, 2019

At the RIA Dance, Annuities Look for Partners

Nationwide Advisory Services and Great American announced moves this week aimed at making their fee-based annuities attractive and accessible to Registered Investment Advisors.
September 12, 2019

Taxes in Retirement: Front-Load or Back-Load?

Here are two ways a retired couple with a $1 million IRA might manage taxes: By either minimizing or maximizing them in the first 10 years of retirement. Zach Parker of Securities demonstrates.