Don’t Mess Up a Good Thing

Fee-based indexed annuities have generous crediting terms. But unless fee-based advisors can decide how to bill clients for holding such a safe, low-maintenance product, they may not recommend the category at all. That would be a shame.

Deja´ Voodoo

'The key lesson of Ronald Reagan’s “voodoo” supply-side economics has not changed: tax cuts like the ones proposed by President Trump do not lead to faster growth, but only to lower revenues,' writes the Nobel Prize-winning economist.

Why most 401(k)s don’t offer in-plan annuities

Technically, the 401(k) is a profit-sharing plan, not a pension plan. Under federal law, only pension plans need to offer in-plan retirement income options. A new TIAA whitepaper explains.

Wells Fargo led all banks in annuity fee income in 2Q17

Among large bank holding companies, only Citigroup and KeyCorp posted significant increases in annuity commission revenue in the second quarter of 2017, according to the Michael White Associates quarterly bank annuity sales report.

Threats to broker-dealer model: It’s more than DOL

Even if the DOL conflict of interest rule is ultimately diluted, it has reinforced shift to fee-based advice from commission-based sales, according to Bing Waldert, managing director of research at Cerulli Associates.

Honorable Mention

Brief or late-breaking items from One America, Voya, BlueRock, the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association, New York Life, Prudential, MassMutual, Ubiquity Retirement + Savings, and HealthEquity.


November 18, 2021

The Alt-Asset Teams that Reinvent Annuity Companies

'Insurance Solutions' groups use private assets to boost the returns of life/annuity company investment portfolios. RIJ talks with Todd Fonner of Investcorp Insurance Solutions about this trend.
November 11, 2021

One Life Insurer’s Pivot to Private Assets

American Equity Investment Life’s ‘AEL 2.0’ strategy is designed to help it thrive even in a low yield environment. Allocating up to 40% of its money to ‘private assets’ is key to the fixed...
November 4, 2021

NAIC Eyes ‘Bermuda Triangle’ Strategy

A document from the NAIC's Financial Stability Task Force reflects the concerns that the NAIC has heard from a variety of sources about the increased ownership of life insurers by private equity firms. (Image...