Go Ahead, Buy the Harley

New research in the Journal of Personal Finance shows why retirees can spend 20% more in early retirement than the 4% rule allows. In our latest research roundup, we also highlight research on aging, the demographic aspects of investment mistakes and Social Security claiming.

Wells Fargo’s New Annuity Wagon

Wells Fargo Asset Management's new target-date series of CITs comes with a built-in, optional retirement income strategy: systematic withdrawals plus an annuity starting at age 85.

The Bezzle Years

John Kay, a visiting professor of economics at the London School of Economics, describes the happy feeling that precedes our realization that we've bought a pig in a poke.

Industry-sponsored legal study attacks ‘robo-advisors’

A recent paper by D.C. attorney Melanie Fein argues that “Robo-advisors do not provide personal investment advice, do not meet a high standard of care for fiduciary investing, and do not act in the client’s best interest."