A Closer Look at CLOs (and Other U.S. Credit)

Bond mavens, check this out. A new SEC report describes how most of the $54-trillion dollar U.S. credit market survived last spring's financial crisis. It covers securitized 'leveraged loans,' which provide high-octane fuel for fixed indexed annuity issuers.
Fed Policy

Four Takeaways from the Labor Report

'The expansion is more likely than not still self-sustaining—even if the pace of recovery is slower than we might like prefer. Market participants focus on that narrative,' writes our guest columnist, an economist at the University of Oregon.
New Research

The top 1%’s share of U.S income (and more)

The latest crop of research includes a CBO report on U.S. income distribution, a look at the low usage of reverse mortgages, a study of the effect of accumulation guarantees in German IRAs, and an assessment of the safety-net of 'swap lines' that holds the global financial system together.
Anecdotal Evidence

Jim Otar’s Swan Song on Retirement Income

The famed Canadian adviser-of-advisers and author, now retired, has released his latest and last book, 'Advanced Retirement Income Planning.' It's a concise version of his magnum opus, 'Unveiling the Retirement Myth.'

Honorable Mention

SEC commissioners disagree over ‘finders’ exemption; New clients bring $148 billion to Fidelity in 2020; COVID-19 impact on long-term care insurance documented; Rate drought, bull market buffet private pensions: Milliman; Allianz Life enhances services for RIAs; NAIC picks Conning to provide data for calculating reserves.


October 1, 2020

She’s Got Advice for Life Insurers

'Insurers can't remain wedded to product sales, which are becoming commoditized in a future that trends toward financial advice,' says industry veteran Michelle Richter, who just launched Fiduciary Insurance Services, LLC.
September 24, 2020

Searching for Yield? Here’s Where to Look

Bond gurus Anne Mathias of Vanguard and Rick Rieder of BlackRock spoke at the Morningstar Investment Conference last week. Emerging markets, real estate debt, and asset-backed securities are potential sources of yield, as...
September 17, 2020

Who Rules the Top 1%?

Private businesses and partnerships lead most often to the top wealth brackets in the U.S., new research shows. In this edition of Research Roundup, we bring you summaries of research on variable annuity sales,...