Annuities and the Charles Schwab Deal

Most of the annuities now on the Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade platforms are offered by mutual or foreign-owned life insurers. Lincoln Financial is the sole exception.

Marshmallows and Social Security

Should US retirees delay claiming Social Security until age 70, even if they have to spend savings until then? The Center for Retirement Research at Boston College proposes that strategy as a default option in retirement plans.

The Death Spiral of Capitalism

"The effect of a decade or more with negative real interest rates is likely to be devastating," writes this ever-bearish pundit. He expects the central bank response to the next financial crisis to resemble its response to the last one.

Parallels to 1937

"Now, as then, people have been disappointed for a long time, and many are despairing," writes the 2013 Nobel laureate in economics.