QLACs Take Flight, But Will They Soar?

Taxable distributions from qualified longevity annuity contracts can be deferred until as late as age 85. But how popular will they be, and will they be used for longevity risk protection or as a tax strategy?

Anatomy of a Success: Elite Access

Jackson National Life's Elite Access variable annuity zoomed from zero to a $1 billion in quarterly sales in less than two years. Using the craze for 'liquid alts' as a hook, it revived the concept of the "investment-only" VA and sparked the creation of a whole new category.

What’s Your ZIP Code’s Annuity Potential?

IAP, a small market research firm, analyzes and compares two giant databases to discover whether a particular ZIP code in the U.S. is saturated with annuity sales, underdeveloped, competitive or uncontested.

The Death Spiral of Capitalism

"The effect of a decade or more with negative real interest rates is likely to be devastating," writes this ever-bearish pundit. He expects the central bank response to the next financial crisis to resemble its response to the last one.

Parallels to 1937

"Now, as then, people have been disappointed for a long time, and many are despairing," writes the 2013 Nobel laureate in economics.