On the Case: Income from a ‘Certified’ Used Annuity

In this latest income solution for "Andrew and Laura," a real couple near retirement, Bryan Anderson of AnnuityStraightTalk and Nathaniel Pulsifer of DCF Exchange combine a secondary market annuity, an indexed annuity and equities for safety and upside.

Tax-Free QLACs? It Makes Sense

There would be no better way to jump-start awareness of longevity risk than by making withdrawals from qualified longevity annuity contracts tax-free. By reducing dependence on public assistance, the move could even pay for itself.

Tontines in the Townships of South Africa

Who is a South African startup going to call when they need advice on creating a tontine-like micro-pension for low-income workers? Our guest columnist and tontine expert met with a pension provider called 'Nobuntu' and some prospective pensioners.

Goodbye HelloWallet. Hello, United Income

Matt Fellowes, who sold HelloWallet to Morningstar for $52.5 million, is introducing United Income, a digital advisor that promises even to help clients sign up for Social Security and Medicare. The all-in cost: 80 basis points per year.

Fixed annuities outsell variable in second quarter: IRI

'While total variable annuity sales rose slightly,' said John McCarthy, Senior Product Manager at Morningstar, “the largest increases were in non-qualified sales. We are also seeing growth in newer investment-oriented products such as structured annuities.'

Honorable Mention

Consumer research from Jackson National and Insured Retirement Institute, Bitcoins for your IRA, Aite's growth projections for robo-advisors, AXA hires gerontologist Sandra Timmerman and MassMutual finds that Venusians worry more about money than Martians.


September 7, 2017

Bill Sharpe’s ‘Lockbox’ Strategy

The Nobel Prize winner's new e-book describes a retirement income generation method that combines Modern Portfolio Theory and income annuities. Advisors, life insurers, quants and even retirees should find it valuable.
August 17, 2017

On the Case: A Solution from ‘Retirement NextGen’

Robert Fourman, a colleague of Curtis Cloke at Acuity Financial, uses their Retirement NextGen software to create a retirement income plan for Andrew and Laura, a near-retirement couple with $1.24 million in savings and...
August 10, 2017

On the Case: TIPS Ladder + QLAC + HELOC = Income Security

Mike Lonier, of Lonier Financial Advisory, solved 'Andrew and Laura's' retirement income puzzle with a combination of products. A certified Retirement Management Analyst, he first builds a safe income floor and then invests for...