A New Path to Inflation-Resistant Income

Achaean Financial's novel hybrid design for a lifetime income annuity is being brought to market by National Western Life. We spoke with Achaean founder Lorry Stensrud and NWL's Chad Tope. (Photo: Death mask of Agamemnon, leader of the Achaean army in the Iliad.)
Bermuda Triangle

Prudential Sells $31bn Annuity Block to Bermuda Reinsurer

Fortitude Re will assume the assets and liabilities of a $31 billion block of Prudential annuities, and pay Prudential $1.5 billion. The block consists mainly of variable annuities with living benefits that Prudential sold before 2011.

Tax hike looms for top earners

The House Ways & Means Committee's budget reconciliation recommendations include, among other measures, increases in income taxes on individuals earning over $400,000.
Anecdotal Evidence

How to Make US Retirement Policy Work Better

"Wealth After Work," a new book edited by William Gale, Mark Iwry and David John (Brookings Institution Press, 2021) gathers together the many retirement-related reforms that they and other public policy wonks have worked on over the past 20 years.

Honorable Mention

Michelle Richter to lead the Institutional Retirement Income Council; AIG to distribute annuities through SIMON; Morgan Stanley and Empower partner on workplace benefits; Jackson National completes ‘demerger’ from UK parent; Health Savings Accounts: Not Used as Directed, EBRI says.


September 10, 2021

Bermuda’s Role in a Changing Annuity Industry

In this latest installment in our 'Bermuda Triangle' series, we ask why US life/annuity companies would reinsure liabilities in Bermuda, and why big private equity firms are creating reinsurers in Bermuda to buy US-based...
September 2, 2021

Five Ways to Generate Retirement Income

In this pre-Labor Day issue of RIJ, we bring you five ways to create retirement income, based on concepts developed by or real-life cases solved by income experts like Bill Sharpe, Dana Anspach, Jerry...
August 26, 2021

Research Roundup

Here are summaries of four research papers on topics ranging from the argument for a federal digital currency to the real causes of 'black swan' crises, and from the insurance-purchasing habits of the wealthy...