Selling Income Annuities on Greed, Not Fear

Iowa advisor Curtis Cloke claims that his 'Thrive” system,' which finances retirement with period certain, cash-refund deferred income annuities, offers safety without sacrificing upside. He's one of RIJ's 'RetiremEntrepreneurs.'

How to Choose an Annuity Issuer

Shopping for an annuity, like shopping for a car, involves questions about the manufacturer of the product. Do their products perform as expected? Will service quality be high? Are they likely to stay in business? We show you where to look for answers.

Time to Put Benjamins Back in the Sock Drawer?

At the LIMRA annual conference in Boston earlier this week, MIT economist James Poterba described how low interest rates make saving for retirement more of a challenge.

Pitching Income Annuities on Greed

Speakers Wade Pfau and Curtis Cloke showed planners at the Financial Planning Association's 2019 conference in Minneapolis that income annuities can provide growth as well as protection.

Occupy QE

The Fed is relying on the 'wealth effect' – brought about largely by increasing equity and home prices – as its principal transmission mechanism for stabilization policy. There are serious problems with this approach, writes the former chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia.

An Old Argument for Annuities, Made New

The Thrive Income Distribution System takes an ancient annuity marketing pitch and dresses it up well enough to appeal to high net worth clients who otherwise might not spend five minutes looking at an income annuity.

Three percent GDP growth for next three years: BNY Mellon

The Fed will fall “behind the curve” in its monetary policy, creating pressure for a major upward spike in interest rates in 2017 or 2018, following the Presidential election of 2016, predicts economist Richard B. Hoey.

Fidelity to raise equity allocations in target date funds

Fidelity is the largest provider of target date funds with more than $170 billion under management on behalf of approximately 6.5 million investors in its Fidelity Freedom Funds product line (Fidelity, Fidelity Advisor, Fidelity Index and VIP).