Life Insurance in a Bucketed Income Plan

This case study from Securities America uses life insurance to help a 'constrained' mass-affluent retired couple protect the surviving spouse from a partial loss of pension and Social Security income.

The Seeds of Inflation are Beginning to Sprout

'Trump’s inconsistent trade policies and persistent badgering of Fed Chair Powell and his colleagues has undermined business confidence,' writes our guest columnist, an economist.

Life insurers fined over annuity exchanges

'The settlements are part of an ongoing, industry-wide investigation into immediate annuity replacement practices in the state,' New York regulators said.
Interest Rate Policy

Multi-Trillion Dollar Fiscal and Monetary Gambles

'Right now, we’re living with a $25 trillion wealth gamble by the Fed and trillion-dollar deficit bets by the Congress and the President,' writes our guest columnist.

Honorable Mention

Retirement assets total $29.8 trillion in 2Q2019: ICI; T. Rowe Price model portfolios offered on Envestnet platform; 27% of Americans very confident about retirement: TIAA; U.S. ranks 18th in retirement security.


September 19, 2019

At the RIA Dance, Annuities Look for Partners

Nationwide Advisory Services and Great American announced moves this week aimed at making their fee-based annuities attractive and accessible to Registered Investment Advisors.
September 12, 2019

Taxes in Retirement: Front-Load or Back-Load?

Here are two ways a retired couple with a $1 million IRA might manage taxes: By either minimizing or maximizing them in the first 10 years of retirement. Zach Parker of Securities demonstrates.
September 5, 2019

Be a ‘Succession Planter’ of Lifetime Income

Here's an income plan for a hypothetical 65-year-old couple with $1.6 million in savings, a real income goal of $8,000/mo. in retirement, and a legacy goal of $1.5 million.