IMCA magazine focuses on alts

The current issue of 'Investments and Wealth Monitor' includes eight articles about alternative investments, including such strategies and assets as global infrastructure, master limited partnerships and managed futures, among others.

Alternative investments are the topic to which the entire July/August issue of the Investments & Wealth Monitor is dedicated, according to the magazine’s Denver-based publisher, the Investment Management Consultants Association

“Alternative offerings are one of the few growth engines in the mutual fund universe. By some estimates, alternative mutual funds will grow to represent 13% of mutual fund assets by 2015, up from 6% at the end of 2010.” writes Fortigent LLC portfolio manager Christopher Maxey in an article entitled, Alternative Strategy Mutual Funds: Opportunity or Mirage?”

Other articles in the issue include:

  • “Alternative Investments: Past, Present, and Future,” by Verne Sedlacek.
  • “Alternatives … Compared To What?” by Craig Israelsen, PhD.
  • “Global Infrastructure Funds,” by Sam Campbell.
  • “Managed Futures: Cyclical Trough or Structural Impairment? Analysis and Proposed Solutions,” by Ryan Davis, CAIA, and Barclay Leib.
  • “Master Limited Partnership Investing: A Case for MLPs as a Core Allocation in Your Portfolio,” by Michael Underhill.
  • “Rethinking Diversification in a Post Bond-Boom Market,” Michael Winchell.
    “Smart Beta: The Second Generation of Index Investing,” by Vitali Kalesnik, PhD.
  • “The Brave, New World of Operational Due Diligence: Responding to a Regulated and Institutional Alternative Asset Industry,” by Christopher Addy, CPA, CA, FCA, CFA.
  • “Thoughts on Endowment Investing in the 21st Century,” by Margaret M. Towle, PhD, CPWA.

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