MassMutual offers handy Social Security quiz

MassMutual found that only 28% of those surveyed received a passing grade when asked basic questions about Social Security retirement benefits.

How much do your clients really know about Social Security? MassMutual’s free questionnaire for retirement advisors can help you find out.

The questionnaire, which can be found at, asks for true or false responses to 10 statements. For instance: 

• If my spouse dies, I will continue to receive both my own benefit and my deceased spouse’s benefit.

• Under current Social Security law, full retirement age is 65.

• Once I start collecting Social Security, my benefit payments will never change. 

Correct answers are provided at the end of the questionnaire and respondents achieve one of the following grades: Congratulations!; You’ve done your homework; “Uh-oh!; What you don’t know really could hurt you!

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