New DIY decumulation software from team of Meyer and Reichenstein

'Incorporating the latest tax code and social security calculations, Income Strategy goes far beyond currently available retirement calculators,' claims William Meyer (pictured) about his new income planning software., a maker of specialized software “for retirees who want to actively manage their finances and potentially add years to their retirement,” has just been launched by Retiree Inc., a company founded by Bill Meyer, the CEO of Social Security Solutions.

“Ten years in the making, incorporating the latest tax code and social security calculations, Income Strategy goes far beyond currently available retirement ‘calculators.’ Income Strategy is completely independent, and does not sell products like annuities,” Meyer said in a release.

“The financial services industry has focused almost entirely on accumulation, but has failed to solve the drawdown problem for retirees.” said Retiree, Inc., founder and CEO, Bill Meyer, who is also CEO of Social Security Solutions, Inc. and creator of the successful suite of Social Security Solutions tools.

“Our research proves that conventional approaches to retirement savings are inadequate and often result in gross miscalculations about drawdown potential. We created for pre-retirees and retirees who want to be actively involved in getting the most of what they have, and stretching their retirement income. We are addressing a critical gap in retirement planning with the technology and research to help retirees take a more thoughtful, coordinated approach to generating the income they need.”

Author and speaker William Reichenstein, a professor at Baylor University and head of research for Retiree Inc. and Social Security Solutions, conducted the research behind the software. Income Strategy is intended to help Boomers by:

  • Dynamically calculating optimal withdrawal strategy throughout retirement
  • Coordinating a drawdown strategy while optimizing Social Security benefits
  • Providing a “get cash’ button that tells where and how to “tap” savings
  • Leveraging asset location and rebalancing of portfolios
  • Minimizing tax liability and Medicare premiums
  • Using Roth conversions and recharacterizations

“We developed an easy to use calculator that will estimate your personal “GET MORE” amount in less than five minutes,” said Meyer. Retirees and pre-retirees can input their numbers and see how much longer their money will last by requesting a QuickStart Report. Depending on the situation, Income Strategy shows retirees how to make their money last up to 2 to 10 years longer.

Income Strategy is offered at several price and service tiers:

Basic. ($20 per month). Access to three core modules within the software, and an option to access a retirement income expert for $125 an hour.

Premier. ($50 per month). Access to three core modules, with premium income strategies and industry leading model portfolios developed by Dr. Reichenstein. It also includes the option to access a retirement income expert for $125 per hour.

Premier Bundle. ($1,500 per year) Includes the full benefits of the Premier subscription, and a special one-hour training session to get you started, up to three complimentary consultation sessions, free Social Security filing services and a $300 savings when compared to 12 months of Premier subscription.

Financial Advice Package: Includes our full-service registered investment advisory and we manage all the details for you. Basis points pricing is offered at a tiered level determined by the assets in your household. Up to $1M = 80 basis points, $1M-$3M = 70 basis points, and $3M+ = 50 basis points.

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