New robo-advisor makes use of 401(k) ‘brokerage window’

"" shows plan participants how to build their own portfolios using low cost, non-plan ETFs within their existing retirement accounts, said founder Wayne Connors.

A new advice platform that enables 401(k) plan participants to use their self-directed brokerage “windows” to buy out-of-plan exchange-traded funds (ETFs), was announced this week by its founder and chief portfolio strategist, Wayne Connors.

People who sign up at will pay $14.99 a month for the service. “We are the Turbo Tax of 401(k) investing,” Connors said in a news release. The service “shows do-it-yourself investors how to build their own portfolios using low cost exchange-traded funds (ETFs) within their existing retirement accounts.”   

The site also offers “educational videos on investing, five model portfolios using ten low-cost ETFs, and a monthly video investment commentary that can be watched from any device, that informs investors when they should make changes to their portfolio,” the release said.

Do-it-yourself investors with any type of self-directed account, such as an IRA, SEP-IRA, Solo-401k, or even taxable brokerage accounts, can use, the release said.

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