Second issue of new scholarly journal on retirement published

There are nine new articles in the fall edition of The Journal of Retirement, edited by George A. (Sandy) Mackenzie.

The second issue of The Journal of Retirement (Vol. 1, No. 2, Fall 2013) has just been published under the stewardship of editor Sandy Mackenzie, formerly of AARP and the International Monetary Fund.

The latest issue includes nine new articles on a variety of topics within the broad area of retirement planning and retirement income. Some of the authors will already be familiar to students of the retirement industry.

Here’s the lineup of stories, which subscribers can find online:

Editor’s Letter, by George A. (Sandy) Mackenzie.

The Glidepath Illusion… and Potential Solutions, by Robert D. Arnott, Katrina F. Sherrerd and Lillian Wu.

Alpha, Beta, and Now… Gamma by David Blanchett and Paul Kaplan.

Applying a Stochastic Financial Planning System to an Individual: Immediate or Deferred Life Annuities?, by Agnieszka Karolina Konicz and John M. Mulvey.

Legacy Stabilization Using Income Annuities, by Matthew Kenigsberg and Prasenjit Dey Mazumdar.

A Goal-Focused Approach to Full Funding: Making Pension Plans More Adaptive to Change, by Andy Hunt and Stuart Jarvis.

Do Mutual Fund Companies Eat their Own Cooking? by Tomas Dvorak and Jigme Norbu.

Converting Traditional Defined Benefit Plans to Hybrid Plans: A Decade of Change by Robert L. Clark, Alan Glickstein and Tomeka Hill.

Developing and Disseminating Financial Guidelines for Retirement Planning, by William G. Gale and Benjamin H. Harris.

Providing Longevity Insurance Annuities: A Comparison of the Private Sector versus Social Security, by John A. Turner.

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