What time is it? Time for you to build an app for the Apple Watch

E*Trade has introduced an app for the Apple Watch, due out next week.

New ramps keep opening on the digital advisory highway.

E*TRADE Financial Corporation has launched an app for the Apple Watch, set for April 24, 2015. The app will deliver market data “in an engaging and simple format” to help investors and traders monitor markets and portfolios. Features include:

  • Visual snapshots of market indices such as Dow, NASDAQ and S&P, as well as core metrics such as volume and performance.
  • Easy-to-glance summary of accounts, portfolios and watch lists, including positions and daily gains or losses.
  • Customizable notifications alerting users when relevant market, account or position-related actions happen, such as when a security hits a price target or when an order is filled.
  • Handoff functionality delivering a seamless transition from watch to phone for more in-depth research and additional information.

“It builds upon our leading iPhone app, re-envisioned for the Apple Watch, and makes the iPhone and Watch experience seamless,” said Kunal Vaed of E*Trade’s Digital Transformation and Active Traders unit, in a release.

E*TRADE says it offers human guidance behind its digital platforms. E*TRADE’s mobile offerings include investing applications for the iPhone, iPad, Android Phone and Tablet, WindowsPhone, Kindle Fire Tablet and Amazon Fire Phone.

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