DOL Hearings: Wonkishly Stimulating

“I believe the proposal is intended to eliminate the commission model,” said Ron Kruszewski of Stifel Financial during the hearings on the DOL conflict of interest proposal. Scott Puritz of Rebalance IRA looks on.

An Insider’s Take on the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ Strategy

Willis Re, a reinsurance broker, has had an uptick in calls from life insurers hoping to execute what RIJ calls 'The Bermuda Triangle' strategy, thus removing a millstone and reaping a capital windfall. Willis Re executive Mike Kaster explains.

One-Stop Shops for Notes and Annuities

Luma Financial Technologies is now among the structured notes platforms that have chosen to add index-linked annuities to the products they support. It joins SIMON Markets and Halo in that space. In this last segment of our series on indexed products, we examine these new alliances.

(Sheryl) Moore’s Law on Annuities in 2021

RIJ talks with Sheryl Moore of Wink, Inc., the annuity data and consulting firm, about the results of her first-quarter 2021 survey of annuity sales. She shares her opinion on a range of annuity-related topics.

RIJ Takes a Vacation

Retirement Income Journal will next appear on September 3, 2015. We will not publish on August 20 or August 27. During that time the management and staff will be on vacation. We will return phone calls and emails when we return in September.

Edward Jones to pay $20 million SEC fine

Instead of offering bonds to customers at the initial offering price, Edward Jones and Stina R. Wishman took new municipal bonds into the firm's own inventory and improperly offered them to customers at higher prices, the SEC found.

Tax-efficient fund management pays off, study shows

A hypothetical investment of $10,000 in mutual funds in 1990 was shown to grow to $37,800 after 22 years in the most tax-inefficient funds and to $48,800 in the most tax-efficient funds.

Study alleges fund “favoritism” in bundled 401(k) plans

“Plans remove just 13.7% of affiliated funds in the lowest performance decile, 25.5% deletion rate for unaffiliated funds in the lowest performance decile,” said a new study from the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College.