The Catch-22 of In-Plan Annuities

Fixed deferred annuities may be the most promising candidates for inclusion in 401(k) plans. But in order to adapt these contracts to the defined contribution space, they must lose some of the 'illiquidity' that helps make annuities valuable. Some innovative solutions are now on the market.

What’s Missing from SECURE 2.0

As Congress prepares a follow-up to the SECURE Act, it should include a safe harbor for 401(k) plans that want to provide non-guaranteed withdrawals to retirees, and to allow the use of variable qualifying longevity annuity contracts, writes our guest columnist, an actuary and Certified Financial Planner.

Honorable Mention

Retirement Income Journal takes a holiday break; Fed to buy at least $120 billion in bonds per month; Global Atlantic adds $8.5 billion in reinsurance deal; Roth IRA assets surpassed $1T in 2019.

Making Peace with the Tax Man

I’ve adopted a few rationalizations that make it tolerable, if not exactly sweet, to send large checks to Uncle Sam each quarter.


December 10, 2020

Bermuda Triangle Part IV: The Reinsurance Angle

Publicly-held life insurers are using reinsurance to improve their balance sheets. But at what cost? 'I believe that many of these blocks of business are only being funded in part with real assets,' a...
December 3, 2020

Take ‘AIM’ at Retirement Income Goals

In this excerpt from his new book, 'Lifetime Income to Retire with Strength,' AM Best actuary Bruno Caron presents an example of his 'AIM' retirement income planning method. He recommends income strategies with and...
November 26, 2020

Treasury Nominee Janet Yellen (the Un-Steve Mnuchin)

Yellen, the first woman nominated for Treasury chief, is an academic economist, not a Wall Streeter. As Fed chief, she was known as an interest rate “dove;” more inclined to maintain high employment than...