The Elusive ROI of Financial Wellness Efforts

Estimates for the return-on-investment from financial wellness programs vary. One source puts the savings at $50 per employee per year for every incremental (1 to 10) increase in average financial fitness. Another says programs return $3 for every $1 invested.

How Demand-Siders See the New Tax Law

'The [new tax law] will likely stimulate investment and encourage domestic and foreign companies to do business in the United States,' write Tyson (above) and Mendonca. 'But the increase in the growth rate will fall far short of one percentage point (or more).'

German workers adjust to retirement plans without guarantees

Germany, like the U.S., has a retirement plan coverage problem. A new law, for the first time, allows employers and workers to set up U.S.-style defined contribution plans. But the plans lack the guarantees to which German workers are accustomed.

That Confusing ‘Pass-Through’ Provision

Because Congress insisted on producing the new tax bill in less than two months, JCT, IRS, and Treasury were overwhelmed and did not complete a proper complexity analysis, writes our guest columnist, a former Social Security official.

Honorable Mention

RetireUp acquires RepPro, Northwestern Mutual hires Lori Brissette from USAA and invests in ClientWise; Eversheds Sutherland starts a catastrophe relief fund for its employees; Robert P. Regnery and Kenneth R. Van Damme II rejoin Ernst & Young; and a group of Harvard and Yale professors have won the TIAA Institute's Paul A. Samuelson Award for a research paper.


January 4, 2018

Jellyvision Knows Financial Wellness

In this first of a two-part series on financial wellness, RIJ talks with the customer insight chief of a leading vendor in the field. 'We ask, ‘Where is the pain that’s costing employers money,...
December 14, 2017

The Crypto-Capitalist and His Digital Tontine

“This problem needs to be solved,” Dean McClelland, founder of TontineTrust, told RIJ. With the fervor of a convert, he believes that cryptocurrencies, blockchain, smart contracts and tontines are the solution.