The Trouble with Calculators

A new critical survey of twelve retirement planning calculators shows why they're so frustrating to use.

AXA Trumpets a Treasury-Linked VA Rider

AXA Equitable Life (and its trademark gorilla) have bounced back from the financial crisis with a novel variable annuity rider that pegs guaranteed accumulation and withdrawal rates to the 10-year Treasury rate, plus one percent.

Can’t Do The Math

You knew it all along, but now there's evidence. Most Americans are financially illiterate. Experts wonder how the millions who don't understand compound interest can possibly fashion successful retirements.

Bridge to Somewhere

"Liability-driven investing for individuals" is how J. Brent Burns, MBA, (left), and Stephen J. Huxley, Ph.D., describe Asset Dedication, which is the name of their bond-laddering methodology, their book and their company.

Unfinished Business

Ernst & Young's Lynn Pettus and Hall Kesmodel show how the regulations governing participant education have shifted over the years, and how the changes in Washington have delayed their resolution.

Wealthy Less Materialistic, Survey Shows

Thirty-five percent of high net worth respondents “believe that my children may be too spoiled by money and have too many material possessions,” up from 22% in 2007.

Life Insurers Face Lean Years: Ernst & Young

Instead of relying on a “back-to-basics” strategy in 2010, insurers should focus on innovating in five key areas, said the leader of E&Y's Financial Services and Insurance & Actuarial Advisory Services practice.