RIJ Interview: Will Fuller of Lincoln Financial

In the third in our series of interviews with annuity industry leaders, we talk with Lincoln Financial Group executive VP Will Fuller. He was recently honored as an 'Industry Champion of Retirement Security' by the Insured Retirement Institute.
Anecdotal Evidence

Sizing Up Lincoln Financial

Over the past 40 years, events and trends have helped determine Lincoln Financial Group's size today, which is smaller than its rivals in the individual annuity market. Former Lincoln executive Jeffrey K. Dellinger explains.
Old is New Again

Equitable completes spin-off from AXA

Equitable Holdings started toward independence in May 2018 with an initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange. In March 2019, AXA S.A. completed a secondary public offering and exited its position as majority stakeholder.

AIG, AllianceBernstein offer index annuity with income rider

AllianceBernstein’s new “AB All Market Index” will be offered exclusively as an indexing choice in AIG’s Power Select Index Annuities. Alliance Bernstein created the multi-asset index for AIG; Market Synergy Group (MSG) will be the primary distributor.


January 16, 2020

Extreme Longevity? He Lives It

Nearing age 100, social scientist Jacob S. Siegel is still vigorously lecturing and writing. He spoke about the 'demography of retirement' at the triennial 'Living to 100 Symposium' in Orlando, Florida, this week.
January 9, 2020

A Look Back at (and Beyond) the ‘Stretch’ IRA

Under the new SECURE Act, most non-spouses must withdraw and pay taxes on inherited IRA assets within ten years instead of "stretching" the process over (possibly) decades. What will that mean for annuities, and...
December 19, 2019

The SECURE Act Set To Pass (Finally)

'This is an early Christmas present,' said Melissa Kahn, managing director of the Defined Contribution team at State Street Global Advisors (SSgA), in an interview yesterday.