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Voya to keep records for new pooled employer plan (PEP); MetLife announces 'significant' pension risk transfer deal in UK; SEC bolsters oversight of private funds; Public pensions are 85.5% funded: Milliman.
New buffered product

Target Practice: AIG and Milliman’s New Annuity

AIG combines elements of a variable annuity, a registered index-linked annuity, and of Milliman's Defined Outcome ETFs into a series of Advanced Outcomes Annuities.


January 20, 2022

A 5-Year Cushion against Market Risk

'Prudent Asset Allocation' gives you the confidence of knowing that over the next five years, you don’t have to worry about market conditions,” says Louis S. Harvey of Dalbar, the financial services research firm....
January 14, 2022

‘Smart,’ from UK, Enters the US PEP Market

'Smart' is the recently-launched American branch of a British fintech with expertise in a kind of retirement savings plan that's called a 'master trust' in the UK and a 'pooled employer plan' or PEP...
January 6, 2022

Research Roundup

Almost every controversial subject in the US today--from Fed policy to machine learning to immigration--contains an element or theme related to retirement policy. The articles reviewed in this month's Research Roundup are proof of that.