Anecdotal Evidence

How MMT Became Clear To Me

In colonial Virginia, the law required the burgesses to set the incoming tax receipts on fire. That taught me a key lesson about how our money works today.

Lincoln rolls out in-plan retirement income option

The annual cost of the income option is 0.9% of the 'income base.' At age 65, the payout rate for a married couple would be 4.5% of the income base per year, according to a PathBuilder brochure.

Can Wall Street Remain Resilient to the COVID-19 Surge?

'The next round of shutdowns will be limited to a small part of the economy, so we won't see the collapse in spending that we saw earlier in the crisis,' predicts our guest columnist, an economist at the University of Oregon.
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Honorable Mention

COVID-19 exposes vulnerable populations: Prudential; Global Atlantic’s ratings unchanged by KKR deal; Vanguard introduces socially conscious bond ETF.


July 2, 2020

Tontine Savings Accounts

'While mimicking the high payouts of an actuarially fair variable life annuity, TSAs would cost significantly less than commercial life annuities,' write Forman and Fullmer.
June 25, 2020

Better than Throwing Darts

'We have all these insurance agents selling billions of dollars of fixed indexed annuities. But they have few clues about how the crediting rates have performed,'' says Kent Jacquay. With his Indexalyzer software, he...