FIAs for Retirement Income (Why Not?)

In this last article in our series on fixed indexed annuities, we consider the potential role of FIAs in providing retirees with guaranteed lifetime income. We find FIAs to be valuable, but underused for that purpose.
Anecdotal Evidence

MMT Isn’t a Joke

Modern Monetary Theory's enemies have been trying to discredit it either by equating it with something stupid (printing money willy-nilly) or by making jokes about it. But MMT isn't a joke.

Wide but shallow: the impact of auto-enrollment in the UK

In British defined contribution plans, employer and employee contributions average a total of only 5.1% of salary per participant. By contrast, defined benefit (DB) plan members receive contributions totaling more than 25% on average.

Hueler income annuity platform now open to all

Income Solutions, the income annuity purchasing platform formerly reachable primarily through Vanguard, is now operating under its own brand. Its auction-style way of researching and buying income annuities is now open to any retail client.

Honorable Mention

RIJ returns from vacation with July 11 issue; Jackson feeds demand for MYGAs; Changes in AXA Equitable’s top VA and IVA announced; What comes first: wellness or a corporate wellness program? (Prudential); In land of plenty, FINRA finds troubling gaps.


June 20, 2019

The Derivatives that Power Index Annuities

FIA owners can pick from an array of choices as cryptic as those on a roulette table. But if they don't understand options, how can they evaluate these safe but esoteric insurance products?
June 13, 2019

Allianz Life’s Index Annuity Winning Streak

In this second article in a four-part series on the fixed index annuity (FIA) business, we profile Allianz Life, the top issuer of FIAs in the US in 18 of the last 19 years....
June 6, 2019

The Index Annuity Story, Part I

'Zero is the hero' in fixed index annuities, which offer upside without risk of loss. In this first article of a four-part series on FIAs, presented by Retirement Income Journal and Wink, Inc., RIJ...