Talking Annuities with AIG’s Todd Solash

Solash, who leads AIG's Individual Retirement business, spoke with us about the company's approach to the annuity market. The NAIC recently reported AIG's overall Life and Retirement businesses as having an industry-leading $18.4 billion in sales.

Trade Tantrum

'Thus, the rather impressive widening of the trade gap last year subtracted a mere 0.2% from GDP growth. It is hard to conclude that the wider trade gap had any major negative impact on the U.S. economy,' writes our guest columnist.

Concord Coalition blasts Trump budget proposal

'Non-defense appropriations, which make up roughly 16% of the budget, would be reduced by more than $1 trillion over 10 years. Nothing in recent experience would suggest that cuts of this magnitude are anywhere near likely to be enacted,' says the Coalition's director.
Anecdotal Evidence

Why So Many Blacks in Financial Ads?

The presence of blacks in financial ads may be increasing because news coverage of the financial crisis among blacks has increased. Only the people who commission or create the ads would know for sure. 


March 7, 2019

Risks that Can Ruin a Retirement, Part II

In retirement, "risk" can turn from an object of pursuit to an object of avoidance. In the second installment of a two-part article, our guest columnist continues his discussion of financial and other risks...
February 28, 2019

Risks That Can Ruin a Retirement

In the first of a two-article series, the retirement expert, author and editor enumerates and describes the many risks that retirees face. (Spoiler alert: Mortality is not one of them.)
February 21, 2019

How Seeking Alpha Seeks Alpha—from Israel

At Seeking Alpha’s Tel Aviv headquarters, RIJ talked to the firm’s CEO, Eli Hoffmann, about how the blogger-clearinghouse makes a ton of money helping people who are trying to make a ton of money...