Europe’s Borderless New DC Plans

After 10 years of preparation, the European Union has created Pan European Personal Pension plans (PEPPs). These will be available to any EU-country citizen working in any EU country. But who will offer them?

Tough Fed talk on inflation, little bite

'We prefer to take risk in equities over credit in the inflationary backdrop because we expect real—or inflation-adjusted—yields to stay historically low,' write BlackRock analysts.

Breaking News

Equitable to buy CarVal, a $14.3bn alt-assets manager; Life/annuity industry capital and surplus at year-end 2021: $444.5 bn; HealthView Services reports on rising medical costs; PBCG licenses insurer data on pension risk transfers; PCN to distribute Jackson National fee-based annuities; Bermuda annuities firm under scrutiny from plaintiff’s attorney; Lincoln Financial promotes Darrel Tedrow, Jim Tierney.
Anecdotal Evidence

Who Runs EBSA? It Matters

Ali Khawar, the acting head of the DOL's Employee Benefit Security Administration, spoke at an American Academy of Actuaries webinar. To learn about EBSA’s initiatives, we tuned in.

Target-date fund assets grow to $3.27T: Morningstar

Five providers control 79% of the target-date market: Vanguard, Fidelity, BlackRock, State Street, and American Funds, according to Morningstar's 2022 Target-Date Strategy Landscape report. 


March 17, 2022

401(k)s Are a ‘Fraud,’ and Other New Research

Here are five fresh, timely pieces of academic research on retirement-related topics, including the alleged unfairness of the employer-sponsored defined contribution plan savings system.
March 11, 2022

Meet MassMutual’s Bermuda Reinsurer

MassMutual helped finance Martello Re, the $1.65bn Bermuda reinsurer that just reinsured $14bn worth of MassMutual's in-force fixed-rate and fixed index annuities, and recruited Dennis Ho to be its CEO.
March 3, 2022

Investment, Pension, or Annuity? This Fund Is a Hybrid

Purpose Financial's Longevity Pension Fund, introduced in Canada last summer, is designed to provide sustainable income for life with liquidity of principal. Getting SEC approval for its sale as a mutual fund in the...