Who Has ‘Three Legs at Evening’? (The Elderly)

The Pension Research Council's Spring Symposium took place (virtually), which meant no semi-formal dinner with the sphinx at the University of Pennsylvania's museum. But the presentations of research papers were still well-worth hearing.
Anecdotal Evidence

Social Security’s Political Problems

As evidenced by the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget's objections to a recent Social Security bill, even the moderates in Washington can't agree on reforms.

Fed’s stability report assesses life insurers

Over the last decade, life insurers increased the share of risky, illiquid assets on their balance sheets, according to the Federal Reserve's annual Financial Stability Report.

Annuity providers report 1Q2022 performance

Jackson National Life reported almost $200 million in sales of its new registered index-linked annuity in the first quarter. Equitable's RILA, launched over a decade ago, took in about $2 billion. Brighthouse Financial reported a decline in annuity sales.


May 5, 2022

The ‘Retirement Income Consortium’ is Born

Eight financial giants formed the Retirement Income Consortium to promote income solutions in 401(k) plans and 'develop a vetted due diligence framework' for 'selection and monitoring' of those solutions.
April 28, 2022

Private Equity in the Life/Annuity Biz

Experts Tim Zawacki of S&P Global Market Intelligence, Rosemarie Mirabella of AM Best, and Jason Kehrberg of PolySystems presented data on “Private Equity and the Life Insurance Industry” at LIMRA's 2022 Life Insurance Conference...
April 21, 2022

It’s Inflation or Recession: Larry Summers

In this research roundup, economist Larry Summers predicts a recession next year. We also review new papers on annuitization habits of TIAA participants, 'tontines' for Chile, shortages of caregivers for the elderly, and...